The eyebrows give us expressiveness and are super Personal. Besides, they can enhance the look. So, there are a number of ways to make them perfect and create smoother and make your face more attractiv

The eyebrows dont need to be the same to each other, the symmetry is beautiful, but very difficult to achieve, so dont worry. The important thing is that they are proportional to each other, as far as the eyes and the rest of the oval are concerned. Something very important: always respect its natural form.

Keep in mind that they should be wider at first, form an arch, and as they extend to the temples, they become thinner, following a smooth line.

How do I know if they are proportional and have the proper size?

Get a pencil, a brush for the eyes. Place it on either side of the nose wall and you will have the reference from where the eyebrow should begin. All thats left between the pencil and the nose you have to shave.

The highest point of the eyebrow should correspond to the middle of the eye, and the eyebrow itself must end at least on the same vertical line as it is.

If what there is does not correspond to this, because you do not have hair, try carefully draw the eyebrow by putting some, with a Profiler Of the same tone as your hair, to see how it will look.

You can dye a little with a brush for the eyebrows, so that the dash perfectly simulates the hair.

It seems normal that, after waxing the legs, the The By the ingaged appear and, we are obliged to live with this annoyance until, months later, they disappear. But thats very bad, since these By Have not grown or been eliminated correctly, so they can get infected if we dont treat them as we should. Better to prevent...

To prevent them from appearing, follow the tips below:

1) Choose only a constant method of depilation

2) Exfoliation

A weekly exfoliation will make your skin clean and very hydrated, so youll be ready for your waxing smoothly.

3) Care

The Honey + Oat soap provides maximum smoothness, prevents irritation and gently exfoliates the skin.

It has honey that helps nourish and restore cells, Aloe To moisturize the skin and oatmeal millet that helps fight allergies.

4) Goodbye tight Clothes

Its important that your skin can breathe and even more if you just shave.

5) After waxing

Apply baby oil or some special oil.

6) Heat

Put a wet towel with hot water ? not too much ? so your skin begins to "soften" and your pores will open.

With these hints, youll be able to finish off the terrible for the jammed ones.

Caring for the skin is not always easy. With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to know if you are doing it right, protecting you against premature aging.

Whats my skin type?

A very simple test will help you figure this out:

First, wash your face carefully and remove any makeup you may have. Let it pass 1 hours and during that time try to avoid touching your face too much. After that time, your skin will be in its most natural state, so take a clean cloth or Remover Discs and pass gently over the nose, forehead, chin and cheeks, checking in each passage if there are traces.

If you find that you have fat in one or some of these areas, you have oily skin.

If you found only some fat in the "zone T" (nose and forehead), you have mixed skin.

If the opposite happened and you find that your skin is unlayered and tense, it means that you have dry skin.

And if you happen to not be in any of the above cases, then youre lucky to have normal skin.

By identifying the skin type, it is much easier to treat and maintain healthier.

Did you know that hair also ages as well as skin? Beautiful hair with a healthy appearance full of vitality and brilliance is the dream of most women. But, therefore, it is necessary to be answering the signs that he is aging..

Discover the signs and learn how to regain your youth

Since we have 40 years, most of us have to consider some extra care, since it is at this age when the hair begins to show evidence of the passage of time.

The gray hair

Gray hair is one of the most obvious indicators of ageing. They appear because the Melanocytes Responsible?? By producing pigment for our hair reduce its activity and little by little the hair ends up getting completely gray.

Lack of collagen

The scalp produces less collagen over the years, as well as the rest of the skin. As a result, the root of our hair receives fewer nutrients.


The sebaceous glands of the scalp diminish the activity and conserve moisture less efficiently, making it more sensitive and dry.

Thinner and brittle hair

From the 40 years, the hormonal changes of the body damage our hair: the level of estrogen decreases slowly, the hair becomes thinner and loses its volume, as well as its flexibility.

Thus, when the hair ages, it presents a brittle and dull appearance, it is also dry and has double ends.

To care is very important to use shampoo and products that meet the specific needs of hair that is about maturity, as the collection BB7 of Anti-ageing, which is an "all in one" to keep the youth intact from your hair and protect the benefits of youthful hair.

Unfortunately, the hair cannot be prevented from ageing, it is the law of life! But now we can fix the signs of aging and enjoy a brilliant mane full of volume, even in maturity!

You may think you are being very careful with your skin, but never forget to spoil it with the best products is not always enough.

There are some habits of beauty and lifestyle that may be causing damage and you dont even know it.

Here are some of them:

1) foliar too often: exfoliate can also eliminate the natural oils you need to maintain your luster and health.

2) long hot showers: a hot and humid bath is harmful to your skin. It can eliminate the outer layer of the epidermis and, with it, its natural defense against dryness and irritation. Dry or scalous skin, acne, eczema and psoriasis may be some effects.

3) Little sleep: At night, the skin has the opportunity to rest and remove the dead cells, therefore, not enough sleep can lead to opaque skin and clogged pores.

4) Poor nutrition: the skin needs enough nutrients to stay fresh and healthy, so keeping a good diet is important to have healthier skin.

5) Hygiene: Even if you have good routines, if you do not clean or keep your makeup and brushes in good condition, you may run the risk of contracting bacteria that cause shoots and eruptions on the skin.

Most people, if not all, have experienced at some point in our lives, the appearance of that irritating red swelling in the eye. When it appears, we begin to notice an irritating inflammation that constantly generates discomfort in our eyes, either at the time of flashing or even at bedtime.

Whenever we suffer from the presence of this ocular swelling, the first thing we want to know is how to remove one quickly and efficiently.

Although it is considered a mild infection, these bumps not only cause inflammation, but may cause other discomforts, such as burning, burning, light sensitivity and a little pain in the affected area.

Before applying any method to know how to remove, remember that there are a number of things you should find to prevent it from affecting more than it should in the area where it appeared.

Thats why we see guidelines that you should consider during the drainage process:

1. Keep the area clean

Try to keep the eye or area of the eyelids clean as much as possible. To do this, you can use SOAP solutions with disinfectant properties that allow you to keep the swelling protected from germs.

To clean the area, use cotton for each time you clean, thus avoiding contact with germs that may be located in cloths or tissues.

2. Consultation with a specialist

While there are common remedies or medications to eliminate this type of swelling, do not forget to at least consult with a specialized type of method that you will use, in this way you make sure not to compromise the eye area.

3. Avoid makeup.

4. Avoid contact lenses.

5. Do not press the affected area.

6. Use cucumber slices: Cucumber is known for an excellent refreshing and ally in treatments to moisturize the skin, which is why it is a good alternative to reduce inflammation and reduce pain in the area where the sty is found.

The emergence of Skin imperfections such as pimples and blackheads are caused by dead cells and fats accumulate on the skin surface because hormonal changes typical of adolescence and other external factors such as bacteria, composition and some contaminants , can directly impact our skin and cause these injuries.

Pimples are usually a headache for most girls who want to look healthy?? and free of impurities. Although they do not pose a health problem, their appearance can leave very unpleasant injuries In the appearance of the skin. Spines occur in the form of small fat protrusions that appear bulous and red, with the presence of a white fat stain.

If you want to know how to remove the pimples, see the tips below:

The main habit of removing pimples is in washing the face properly. Use a little dermatological soap, preferably recommended by an expert, rub the soap paste on the face and rinse with warm water.

To dry your face, avoid rubbing the towel as you can cause more irritation.

Use before sleeping a moisturizing cream that allows you to strengthen the skin of your face, in this way reduces the risk of the appearance of infections by product of dirt or fat.

Try to wear makeup that protects your face from fat, usually this kind of product is a little more expensive, but avoids the appearance of pimples.

Avoid as much as possible the constant contact of your hands with the face, because the hands are one of the body parts that store more bacteria, so the less you touch your face, the lower the amount of dirt that comes in contact with the affected areas.

Did you ever happen to buy a make-up that you thought was going perfectly with your skin tone and when using you realized you werent? If you cheat and buy the wrong tone, its more common than you think.

Therefore, some tips may be very good for not making this mistake anymore and avoiding spending money on wrong makeoffs.

The first thing to do is to identify the skin tone. To choose the correct makeup color, you need to know how to differentiate between two important nuances of your skin: the Sub Tone and tone.

Here are some tips:

1) One mistake we usually commit is to test the makeup on hand, but if you compare the tone of the hand with the skin of your face, youll see that it doesnt look much.

The most appropriate is to try the makeup on the same face, putting a small sample on the chin to check how the tone that should fuse with the skin is if it is correct.

2) Light is very important when choosing a makeup. If possible, check the color of the base with natural light. Not being able to be, because in the store there is no window to the outside, put yourself in a bright area.

3) The most selling makeup base is the one that has fluid texture, because it is the one that works best on any skin type, but if you have dry skin, you can opt for a cream, more moisturizing background. On the contrary, if you have oily skin, choose a powder makeup or complete the base with loose powder to Maquiar The T area.

With these tips you will no longer miss and buy makeoffs that end up leaning against a corner of the closet.

If you want a change of image, but nothing radical, because you are afraid to repent or that soon get tired of the color, then follow the tips on how to change and a UP in the visual in a way not so radical.

One of the tones that became most sought after and used by the famous is the  Dark Blonde Or translated, the dark blond.

The reason is that this is good for most women. This hair tone is suitable for both the half-tone hair and the darker. Beyonce, one of the celebrities who fell to the Dark Blonde.

Another reason to love this tone is that it does not require retouching very often. Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman and even our Blanca Suárez are just some of the women who have opted for the tone Dark Blonde.

The tone Dark Blonde has many varieties, depending on the physiognomy and the characteristics of each persons hair.

In general, the common denominator is that it respects natural hair root and begins to refine the color very subtly from the middle to the ends, which tend to look much clearer.

There is also the possibility of applying clearer lights throughout the hair. If you decide to use this color, the best thing is to go to a professional salon where they study their characteristics and hair to offer you a change of style tailored to you.

Summer changes everything... We change habits, break with routine and agendas, and feel liberated from the obligations we have to deal with throughout the year.

In addition, our health requires special care, since we will be exposed to the sun, and other factors that may damage for example our hair.

Although leaving the dryer parked in the bathroom drawer, that doesnt mean we dont touch our hairstyle. Mainly because, it is at this time when women most fasten their hair, and this can also damage them.

But, how to get rid of the heat, fasten the hairs properly without running the risk of breaking them and leaving them with a horrible appearance afterwards?

The most ideal is to first remember that everything that is very aggressive can damage your hair. For example, hairstyles in which you will pull them so that they are very firm, can cause some wires to break. Ideally, if you need to fasten your hair like a ponytail, use a spray fastener so that the wires are trapped and do not need to stretch them.

In this way, they will be kept in perfect condition throughout the day. And the best thing is that you can bathe on the beach or in the pool, that the hairstyle will stay until the end of the day.

Capillary oils are great for nourishing and taming dry hair, so abuse them.

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