How to remove eyebrows in the correct way-step by step

How to remove eyebrows in the correct way-step by step

The eyebrows give us expressiveness and are super Personal. Besides, they can enhance the look. So, there are a number of ways to make them perfect and create smoother and make your face more attractiv

The eyebrows dont need to be the same to each other, the symmetry is beautiful, but very difficult to achieve, so dont worry. The important thing is that they are proportional to each other, as far as the eyes and the rest of the oval are concerned. Something very important: always respect its natural form.

Keep in mind that they should be wider at first, form an arch, and as they extend to the temples, they become thinner, following a smooth line.

How do I know if they are proportional and have the proper size?

Get a pencil, a brush for the eyes. Place it on either side of the nose wall and you will have the reference from where the eyebrow should begin. All thats left between the pencil and the nose you have to shave.

The highest point of the eyebrow should correspond to the middle of the eye, and the eyebrow itself must end at least on the same vertical line as it is.

If what there is does not correspond to this, because you do not have hair, try carefully draw the eyebrow by putting some, with a Profiler Of the same tone as your hair, to see how it will look.

You can dye a little with a brush for the eyebrows, so that the dash perfectly simulates the hair.