Learn how to fasten your hair for the summer so as not to damage it

Learn how to fasten your hair for the summer so as not to damage it

Summer changes everything... We change habits, break with routine and agendas, and feel liberated from the obligations we have to deal with throughout the year.

In addition, our health requires special care, since we will be exposed to the sun, and other factors that may damage for example our hair.

Although leaving the dryer parked in the bathroom drawer, that doesnt mean we dont touch our hairstyle. Mainly because, it is at this time when women most fasten their hair, and this can also damage them.

But, how to get rid of the heat, fasten the hairs properly without running the risk of breaking them and leaving them with a horrible appearance afterwards?

The most ideal is to first remember that everything that is very aggressive can damage your hair. For example, hairstyles in which you will pull them so that they are very firm, can cause some wires to break. Ideally, if you need to fasten your hair like a ponytail, use a spray fastener so that the wires are trapped and do not need to stretch them.

In this way, they will be kept in perfect condition throughout the day. And the best thing is that you can bathe on the beach or in the pool, that the hairstyle will stay until the end of the day.

Capillary oils are great for nourishing and taming dry hair, so abuse them.