How do you know if your hair is aging?

How do you know if your hair is aging?

Did you know that hair also ages as well as skin? Beautiful hair with a healthy appearance full of vitality and brilliance is the dream of most women. But, therefore, it is necessary to be answering the signs that he is aging..

Discover the signs and learn how to regain your youth

Since we have 40 years, most of us have to consider some extra care, since it is at this age when the hair begins to show evidence of the passage of time.

The gray hair

Gray hair is one of the most obvious indicators of ageing. They appear because the Melanocytes Responsible?? By producing pigment for our hair reduce its activity and little by little the hair ends up getting completely gray.

Lack of collagen

The scalp produces less collagen over the years, as well as the rest of the skin. As a result, the root of our hair receives fewer nutrients.


The sebaceous glands of the scalp diminish the activity and conserve moisture less efficiently, making it more sensitive and dry.

Thinner and brittle hair

From the 40 years, the hormonal changes of the body damage our hair: the level of estrogen decreases slowly, the hair becomes thinner and loses its volume, as well as its flexibility.

Thus, when the hair ages, it presents a brittle and dull appearance, it is also dry and has double ends.

To care is very important to use shampoo and products that meet the specific needs of hair that is about maturity, as the collection BB7 of Anti-ageing, which is an "all in one" to keep the youth intact from your hair and protect the benefits of youthful hair.

Unfortunately, the hair cannot be prevented from ageing, it is the law of life! But now we can fix the signs of aging and enjoy a brilliant mane full of volume, even in maturity!