See how to end the annoying red swelling in the eye and have a lighter appearance

See how to end the annoying red swelling in the eye and have a lighter appearance

Most people, if not all, have experienced at some point in our lives, the appearance of that irritating red swelling in the eye. When it appears, we begin to notice an irritating inflammation that constantly generates discomfort in our eyes, either at the time of flashing or even at bedtime.

Whenever we suffer from the presence of this ocular swelling, the first thing we want to know is how to remove one quickly and efficiently.

Although it is considered a mild infection, these bumps not only cause inflammation, but may cause other discomforts, such as burning, burning, light sensitivity and a little pain in the affected area.

Before applying any method to know how to remove, remember that there are a number of things you should find to prevent it from affecting more than it should in the area where it appeared.

Thats why we see guidelines that you should consider during the drainage process:

1. Keep the area clean

Try to keep the eye or area of the eyelids clean as much as possible. To do this, you can use SOAP solutions with disinfectant properties that allow you to keep the swelling protected from germs.

To clean the area, use cotton for each time you clean, thus avoiding contact with germs that may be located in cloths or tissues.

2. Consultation with a specialist

While there are common remedies or medications to eliminate this type of swelling, do not forget to at least consult with a specialized type of method that you will use, in this way you make sure not to compromise the eye area.

3. Avoid makeup.

4. Avoid contact lenses.

5. Do not press the affected area.

6. Use cucumber slices: Cucumber is known for an excellent refreshing and ally in treatments to moisturize the skin, which is why it is a good alternative to reduce inflammation and reduce pain in the area where the sty is found.